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About me

Artist in studio susan lambourne
Studio time
Artist in the making

Like many from the ‘baby boomer’ generation, art was never an accepted choice to earn a living, so having left school at 14 I found a job that paid and continued on that road, marriage, family, better jobs, more hours, better pay the work/life wheel rolled on! My creative abilities were visible through house and garden design/improvements. We then moved from Hampshire to Shropshire, bought a derelict house – saved it from demolition within 20 months, my talented husband and I now have a wonderful home. Then it was back to work!

So, where does art come in all of this? Mainly through scribbled ideas on back of envelopes, scraps of paper whilst waiting on phone calls, or the odd holiday when I managed time for a few line drawings (which my daughter coloured in). Then came the chance to cut down my working week, I started with watercolours as I had a collection from over 30 years, chosen subject- trees! I love trees, trees were my escape route as a child-my siblings never looked up!

It was quite by accident my husband and I visited NEWA in 2005, that really started me off ‘proper’ painting, I had never seen such a wondrous display of wildlife artwork, it was overwhelming, I told my husband when leaving, I’m entering next year! In 2006 I entered two paintings, a grebe and a water rail, both watercolour, both excepted! So started my journey as an artist. I still paint mainly in watercolour but, also indulge in acrylics, inks, pastels and a little mixed media.

I love colour, texture and nature, trees as always remain a firm favorite, wildlife, especially birds, hares and foxes will always be close to my heart. I try to emulate experiences I have had/felt with wildlife, a special moment, a glimpse of that time, I can feel and draw inspiration from. I have been fortunate to have met some wonderful people who have appreciated my artwork and now own and enjoy the pictures upon the walls of their homes – I have always said I retain visiting rights!